Navcon Aerospace specializes in the development of custom-made CBTs/WBTs, designed to be the best learner resource available, and filled to the brim with a high level of interaction as well as exciting real-time simulations. Our lessons incorporate the latest presentation and development technology, with the betterment of the end user being our priority.

Of course, our portfolio covers a wide variety of subjects, both technical and nontechnical, for pilots, cabin crews, maintenance personnel, and ground support personnel.

The content of these courses is exceptional with regard to technical accuracy, flow, and presentation, as the technical subject matter experts (SMEs) behind them originate from the manufacturing, checking, training, and managerial sectors of major airlines.

Another unique feature of Navcon’s CBTs is the interactive way in which normal and non-normal work and operational procedures are presented. Trainees can save expensive simulator and OJT session time by taking lessons relating to these procedures and being able to execute them online. All content, including procedures, can be customized to our clients’ needs, using their own reference material.

Navcon’s CBT courses are run by the EDRAK Learning Management System (LMS).

Cabin Crews
Ground & Flight Support


Our courses operate on a multi-platform basis. You can use a PC or mobile device to access our courses.


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CBT/WBT Conversion Services

If you have standup classes or any other electronic courses that need to be converted (or improved) to CBT/WBT, Navcon is the way to go!

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