Consulting Services

Operational Flight Support

Navcon Aerospace consultants have considerable international experience in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. We offer full support in all areas of flight operation, from initial operation to improving existing operational flight efficiency, auditing, and consulting for future requirements. Navcon Aerospace can service all your requirements, including operating manuals, documentation, communication, resource management, security, safety management, planning, as well as all the other facets that make up your Operations department.

Navcon Aerospace’s diversified portfolio of consulting services includes operation and training consulting tailored to your specific organization in the following subject areas:

  •    Technical publications and manuals
  •    Flight training
  •    Flight standards
  •    Current CRM status surveys and analyses
  •    Line-oriented safety audits
  •    Operational efficiency
  •    Management consultation

Safety Audits & Consultation

Navcon Aerospace has the experience and resources to assist you in developing and implementing the perfect, cost-effective Safety Management system. We can assist you in developing/improving your Emergency Response Plan, safety objectives and KPIs, safety risk management, operational safety assurance processes, and safety trend analyses and reports.

Aviation Logistics Management Support

Navcon Aerospace offers consulting services customized to our client’s needs that assist organizations in optimizing their spare parts and logistics management, making it more efficient and less costly. Whether it be warranty, reliability, planning, day to day transaction, inventory, or warehouse management processes, Navcon offers the most effective advice and solutions that ensure better performance.

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